There are various goals that an investor may be desiring  to achieve. The important thing to note about goal setting is the element of time . Goals can range from short, medium and/or long term. Whether your reason for investment be for capital growth, for capital preservation, to save toward retirement, for income withdrawals, saving to buy a house,  saving to go on a holiday or even investing towards your children's education, no matter the reason, choosing the correct investment vehicle and fund is key. Fairtree Invest, specializes in multi-managed solutions that are strategically designed to meet their client's bespoke investment goals. Would you like to start your journey?

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Investment Vehicles

This is the vehicle or means by which an investor uses to invest their capital. Vehicles can have varying degrees of risk. Low-risk vehicles are like; certificates of deposit or bonds, larger risk vehicles can be stocks, options or futures. Another leg of vehicles can be unit trusts, ETF’s, hedge funds and annuities.
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