There are various goals that an investor may be desiring  to achieve. The important thing to note about goal setting is the element of time . Goals can range from short, medium and/or long term. Whether your reason for investment be for capital growth, for capital preservation, to save toward retirement, for income withdrawals, saving to buy a house,  saving to go on a holiday or even investing towards your children's education, no matter the reason, choosing the correct investment vehicle and fund is key. Fairtree Invest, specializes in multi-managed solutions that are strategically designed to meet their client's bespoke investment goals. Would you like to start your journey?

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Group Retirement Annuity

Unlike stand-alone retirement annuities, Group Retirement Annuities have a single contributor to the retirement annuity. This is the employer on behalf of their employees. Contributions can be part employee and employer, or solely employee or employer. However, the employer is the one who actually sends a payment.
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